We provide a comprehensive offer for using Unmanned Aerial Systems:

Software development for STM microcontrollers

  • Sky Tronic offers software development for STM microcontrollers and design services of electronic modules based on STM microcontrollers tailored to customer’s needs.

Designing and manufacturing of fuzzy logic controllers for UAV steering and flight control

  • Sky Tronic develops novel fuzzy logic controllers dedicated to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) named SkyNav FLC that are capable of autonomous navigation, collision avoidance system and more precise positioning of flying platform. Our navigation systems should improve the steering efficiency, flight stability and safety of operations in difficult and changing weather and terrain conditions.

Designing and manufacturing of complete unmanned aerial vehicles for professional applications

  • R&D project co-financed from European Union grant funding of Fast Track Programme. The company develops drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) for professional applications equipped with innovative fuzzy controller for UAV steering and stablizing for professional applications for monitoring and generating 3D models of construction space in 3D for the needs of construction companies.
  • Sky Tronic aims to conduct research and development project co-financed from European Union grant funding to develop novel unmanned helicopter dedicated to the specific needs of public safety, security, search and life rescue services. Our unmanned helicopter will be designed to provide imaginary and exploratory information from difficult-to-reach areas and at-risk of natural disasters.

Services delivered by unmanned aircrafts

  • R&D project co-financed from European Union grant funding of Regional Operational Programme of Lower Silesia. Sky Tronic will provide the services delivered by unmanned flying platforms such as: aerial thermography, professional thermovision audit of high construction works, on-going monitoring of critical infrastructure like electrical grids, gas installations, pipelines, railways, power grids, rail or road bridges.