Sky Tronic collaborates with universities, research and development institutues, business support insitutions, distributors and strategic partners to launch our novel technologies in Poland and all over the and Europe.


  • Skynamo Aerospace develops Hoverbike Raptor, the vertical take off and landing vehicle that combines motorcycle with helicopter. The impetus for the Hoverbike project was to create the equivalent of a flying scooter from the “Star Wars” movie. Apart from the applications of Raptor as the equipment created for exciting fun in flying – the device thanks to its properties, such as maneuverability, mobility and speed, can meet a range of useful functions – acting through the additional equipment tools as support for the efforts of all kinds of emergency services, fire brigades and the army. „The flying scooter” will enable safe and fast flights in difficult weather conditions to land even on the pavement and the injured person can be safely transported.
  • Sky Tronic signed the Research and Development agreement with Skynamo Aerospace to develop, test and launch the innovative fuzzy logic steering and stabilisation system dedicated to stabilise the flight of Hoverbike. The stabilisation system will support the Hoverbike’s operator to steer the device using hand tillers changing the flight parameters.

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Skynamo Aerospace Sp. z o.o.
ul. Warszawska 35, 32-830 Wojnicz


Sky Tronic participated in Startup Spark accelerator in Lodz Special Economy Zone. The competition was organised within the Centre of pilotage INNO_LAB, ScaleUP, programme co-financed from the funds of  Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Title of project:  Mini UAV with stabilisation system dedicated to the needs of big corporate – Pietrucha Group

The aim of project:  The project involved the the design and construction of unmanned aerial vehicle to gather and send data using radio-frequency mesh network from sensors spread over hard-to-reach locations such as measurement stations, handbands monitoring vital signs of accident’s victims during search and rescue missions.

Okres realizacji projektu: December 15, 2017  – March 15, 2018

The amount of co-funding: 200 k PLN (160 k PLN in cash and 40 k PLN of expert services)

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Sky Tronic signed the Letter of Intent with Budimex to collaborate on development and tests of autonomous drone, 3D Flight Explorer FLC to enable monitoring the construction site and the spatial analysis of engineering objects in 3D using more efficient computing power of octrees for the needs specified by Budimex Innowacje. The project is co-financed from 0.5 mln USD of European Union funding in Smart Growth programme organized by National Centre of Research & Development in Poland.

The tests of autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or quadrocopter, which precisely maps the elements of full construction space using 3D technology in real time with marginalization of pilot-operator’s role will be performed on construction sites of Budimex. The system will be integral part of the drone to enable geodets cyclical monitoring of progress in construction works and inspections of engineering objects for quick photogrammetry calculations directly on construction site with smaller camera.

The R&D works include development of intelligent fuzzy logic stabilisation system „SkyNav FLC”, which will enable safe flight in difficult and dangerous conditions, such as strong gust of winds, turbulences close to buildings or difficult access to buildings. Sky Tronic’s team will develop its own electronic measurement system – the visual system for identification and mapping of 3D space of the terrain for collision avoidance system. Sky Tronic will also develop intelligent route optimisation and schedule planning algorithms for autonomous flight.

The generated 3D image will enable fast and precise calculation in real time of solid figures parameters as free space, volume and edges of occupied space, heaps, slopes, land mass, elements of construction objects, roads, bridges, differences in volume of industrial objects for optimisation of construction processes – from design stage to approval of construction works. The virtual 3D space with the use of representation of octrees is very efficient and use less computational data that will decrease the costs of calculations of spatial models and save time by 20% in comparison to traditional cloud of points. The created 3D map of terrain with octrees will be used for navigation and collision avoidance system on the autonomous flight route and setting alternative routes.




Krzysztof Kozioł, Director of Public Relations

tel. (22) 62 36 164, fax: (22) 62 36 014, kom. +48 605 557 101, email:


  • Sky Tronic has signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Group in Karkonosze (Grupa Karkonoska GOPR) for the development of novel unmanned helicopter designed for the specific needs of mountain rescue team, more efficient coordination of life rescue missions and searching lost, injured and snow avalanche victims as well as the surveillance and the evaluation of the areas in danger of natural disasters. Two parties agreed to collaborate on determing the operational and functional parameters of the helicopter for search and rescue (SAR) missions. Under the terms of the LOI, Karkonosze Group will provide and protect the area for tests of the prototype of new UAV system in simulated SAR operations in the mountains.
  • Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Group (Polish: Górskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (GOPR)) is a partially volunteer mountain rescue organisation in Poland. Karkonosze Group is one of seven divisions of Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Group (GOPR) with more than of 50 years of history in life rescue of tourists in Izera Mountains, Karkonosze, Karczawa Mountains, Rudawy Janowickie and Hills of Lubawa Gate. The group protects the total area that is visited by 4 million of tourists and conducts 300 life rescue missions, 100 interventions and 10 search operations.


Central station, ul. Sudecka 79, 58-500 Jelenia Góra


  • Sky Tronic was provided with the access to laboratory and office space, R&D services, IT infrastructure, conference rooms owned by Wrocław Technology Park (WPT) and Incubator of Entrepreneurship and Technology. The use of modern laboratory equipment and technical infrastructure of Wrocław Technology Park may help to increase the innovation potential of our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles solutions.
  • WPT is a the business environment institution that creates a friendly environment and provides the modern research & implementation infrastructure for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), running of competitive business activity characterised by the significant utilisation of innovations, the use of high technologies, manufacturing of advanced products and commercialisation of the results of research.

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ul. Muchoborska 18, 54-424 Wrocław
Tel: +48 (71) 798 58 07



ul. Fabryczna 16H, 53-609 Wrocław
Tel: +48 (71) 98 58 16



  • Sky Tronic has signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with Design Office BILAN (Pracownia Projektowa BILAN) for the development and launch of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or drone (ThermoCopter FLC) designed for autonomic
    aerial thermography, infrared audit and diagnostics of high construction buildings and engineering objects.
  • Under the terms of the LOI, ThermoCopter FLC will be tested in operational environment by providing aerial thermography services for partners of BILAN, construction companies.
  • BILAN declared the preparation of full thermal documentation of buildings for its customers, based on thermovision measurements performed by Sky Tronic. The result of thermovision measurement is an infrared image where the problem areas with disturbed temperature field, heat leaks, dampness, cracks or contructional defects can be accurately identified.
  • BILAN and Sky Tronic will ensure marketing of ThermoCopter among its current customers and will focus on establising new partnerships and recipients of thermal inspections services provided by unmanned platforms.


Design Office BILAN (Pracownia Projektowa BILAN)
ul. Niemcewicza 28a/1a, 50-238 Wrocław
tel. +48 71 791 321 145
tel./fax +48 71 321 0 145