Sky Tronic polskim finalistą StartUp Europe Awards – wywiad

Sky Tronic polskim finalistą StartUp Europe Awards – wywiad

Zapraszamy do przeczytania wywiadu z zespołem Sky Tronic na oficjalnym blogu StartUp Europe Awards na temat idei powstania spółki komercjalizującej bezzałogowe statki powietrzne dla służb bezpieczeństwa i ratowania życia, oparte o innowacyjną technologię sterowania i stabilizacji lotu w trudnych warunkach atmosferycznych oraz planach w związku z reprezentowaniem Polski podczas finału konkursu w Brukseli. Wywiad w języku angielskim.

Country: Poland

Category: Tourism

Project Aim: The problem to solve is unstable flight of drones in difficult weather conditions as strong wind and the change of mass when carrying and dropping of cargo, because traditional PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controllers use linear approximation about reality and do not take into account unpredictable events.

The origin of initiative: Two scientists of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology intensified their R&D on fuzzy logic (FLC) controllers to enhance steering efficiency in strong wind when they witnessed dangerous drone accident during IMAV 2015 drone competition in Aachen, Germany. The drone carrying the bottle with water navigated by traditional PID controllers was unable to stabilize in strong wind and broke down. Two businessmen impressed by the awards of the scientists in drone competitions in Poland, China and Australia, persuaded them to set up a company in September 2016 to implement this technology in drones for precise life rescue, public safety and transport missions.

What does Sky Tronic do?

Solution: The novel fuzzy logic steering controllers (FLC) are intended to transform the UAV industry for professional applications all over the world due to the more precise, autonomous, safe and stable flights in strong wind and carrying the cargo. FLC controllers use artificial intelligence algorithms to observe and steer the flying objects as human brain and correct deviations in real time. The FLC controller is targeted at professional drone producers and our unmanned helicopters for more efficient coordination of public safety and life rescue operations of mountain and water rescue agencies, police, fire department, border control, forest services and the surveillance of the areas in danger of natural disasters, ski runs, ski resorts, cable cars. Our unmanned helicopter navigated by FLC controllers is intended to make search and rescue missions a lot quicker and cheaper than existing helicopters and deliver medical equipment where traditional helicopters cannot operate like strong wind in the mountains or the storm and seaside. The systems are capable of finding the lost tourists, injured, snow avalanche, fire and storm victims faster.

Stage of development: We are collaborating to develop dedicated unmanned helicopter for the needs of voluntary mountain rescue agency in Karkonosze mountains in Poland (Grupa Karkonoska GOPR) and for two voluntary fire rescue teams in Poland: Wroclaw and Roczyny and and life rescue drone collecting the data from the bands monitoring the vital functions for Pietrucha Group as the part of Startup Spark acceleration programme in Poland.

What’s the Sky Tronic’s future?

We are currently testing and implementing the fuzzy logic controller to stabilise the flight of Hoverbike Raptor that combines motorcycle with helicopter of Skynamo Aerospace in Poland. After the successful tests we will license the technology of FLC controller for production of Hoverbike and other European and global drone producers.

It is a honour for me as co-founder and Management Board Member of Sky Tronic to represent Poland in the final of European Start-up Awards in the Tourism category, pitch our unmanned helicopter in front of wide audience of business partners, investors, mentors in Brussels and bring UAV solution to European UAV producers,life rescue,public safety agencies to save the lives of the tourists in the mountains, the seaside and the victims of fire in difficult weather conditions all over the Europe.

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