I. Sky Tronic sp. z o.o. plans to conduct the project named „Identification of 3D space using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with virtual and efficient structure of octtrees” for the faster monitoring of construction space and investments from the funds of European Regional Development Fund, under the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020, organised by National Centre for Research and Development, Prority axis 1. Support for R&D activity of enterprises, Measure 1.1 R&D projects of enterprises, Sub-measure 1.1.1 Industrial research and development work implemented by enterprises (Fast Track for Small and Medium Enterprises).

II. Sky Tronic Sp. z o.o. plans to conduct the project named “Development of autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for thermographic inspections of big engineering objects,navigated by fuzzy logic steering controller” under the Regional Operational Programme for the Lower Silesian Voivodeship 2014-2020, co-founded from European Union/European Regional Development Fund, Priority axis 1 Enterprises and Innovations, Measure 1.2 Innovative enterprises, Scheme 1.2.A The support for enterprises to start or expand R&D acitivities.

Intelligent multicopter is intended to enhance the safety of aerial thermography of high construction buildings, and reduce the costs of the inspections in comparison to running expensive  helicopters. ThermoCopter FLC can reach an unaccessible places (high buildings, roof, power lines, pipelines etc.) and scan the building autonomously in 3D to indentify heat loss, failures and constructional defects in faster, more cost efficient and more precise way.

III. Sky Tronic intends to develop novel unmanned helicopters based on our original fuzzy logic steering and flight control systems designed for specific needs of mountain search and rescue (SAR), public safety services, precise aerial observation and surveillance of the areas in danger of natural disasters. The project should be co-financed from European Union grant funding.

  • Our navigation systems should enhance the safety and stability for remote and autonomous flights of unmanned aircrafts. Novel fuzzy controlers enable more precise steering of UAV, maintaing the specific height and position of the flight and accomplishing the complex flying missions in difficult operational and environmental conditions, such as: strong gust of wind and lowering the first aid kid. Our UAV systems have a potential to transform the search and rescue missions in the mountains in Poland and all over the Europe as well as make them a lot quicker and cheaper than existing helicopters. The systems are capable of finding the lost, injuried and snow avalanche victims faster. Our new UAV solutions can extend the functionality of the controllers managing the flight of UAV and increase the safety of tourists visiting organized ski runs and ski resorts.
  • The mobility and multitasking of UAV systems offer a possibly unique opportunity for surveillance of the areas in danger of snow avalanches, the evaluation and monitoring of the effects of natural disasters. Our novel unmanned aircrafts are also intended to create the orthophotomaps, localise the victims of accidents in the mountains and provide the life rescue supporting services such as: illumination of the site of the event, system of communication with victims of accidents and transport of first aid equipment. The data will be transmitted from the site of the event with daily and thermal cameras on real time basis to enable more efficient coordination of SAR activities.